The 2013 Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society (PFDS) Ice Bowl fundraiser for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank was a great success. 63 participants engaged in friendly competition at Schenley Park Disc Golf marked the highest turnout in PFDS Ice Bowl History. Roughly 600 non-perishable food items collected was a new record as well. Participants raised a whopping grand total of $1,293 to benefit hungry families in the area.


This is truly a great thing that our club does for the area, and everyone should be proud for contributing and participating. Thanks also to Lenny Mancinelli/Common Plea Catering for bringing Chili, Sid Olcott/Sonoma Grill for bringing Wedding Soup, Scott McIntyre and Maria Montano for helping with scoring, J Gary Dropcho for running PFDS merch, the PFDS for purchasing the event merchandise/coffee/donuts, and for everyone who helped in any way!


Division winners included Red Whittington - Open, Maria Montano - Women, Bill Rohrey - Advanced, Joe Palumbo - Intermediate, and Isaac Meeder - Junior. Thanks again to everyone for bringing all of the food, raising all of the money, and for enjoying the great day of disc golf!




Division Last Name First Name Score
Whittington Red 46
Dropcho J. Gary 49
Slaugh Vince 49
Stouden Tim 51
Prestopnik Mark 54
Olcott Sid 54
Kolenda Joe 57
McIntyre Scott 57
Grace Brian 57
Poole Kurt 57
Montano Maria 60
Lauria Jonda 62
Meeder Sharon 69
Stouden Katie 75
Steinberg Ivy 84
Papageorgiou Nicole 86
Rohrey Bill 50
Harkins Paul 52
Stalnaker Jason 54
Spence Curtis 54
Winget Cody 55
Foley Tim 58
Palumbo Joe 55*
Massaro Dom 55
Block Ted 55
Sawyer Dylan 56
Brado Adam 57
Boston Sir 57
Wray Dave 58
Ruby Dan 58
Poole Alanna 58
Barbiaux Jason 59
Rose Hunter 59
Ruby Mike 60
Laird Darin 60
Maiorana Vincent 60
Zwibel Anthony 61
Graves Will 61
Hosek Ron 61
Maier Joe 61
Kacprzyk David 62
Miller Steve 62
Mancinelli Lenny 62
Haggerty Daniel 62
Lionetti David 63
Parks Thomas 63
Boyle Chris 63
Horst Martin 63
Bailey Tom 64
Sulia Kevin 64
Morrissey Matt 65
Harris Eric 65
Bogi Jamin 65
Stanek Jeff 66
Hutchison Brian 66
Veccia Randy 67
Baker Chad 69
Kramer Nick 69
Morrissey Greg 71
Neal Bill 72
Watkins Grant 74
Courser Robert 74
*won in playoff
Meeder Isaac 69