WNL Rules


The league follows the rules of disc golf as laid out by the pdga. There are also rules that are specific to schenley park and the wednesday night league.


You must sign up with the league director and pay your entry fee before starting your round.

3-5 players comprise a group - no groups of 2, or more than 5.

The two meter rule is not in effect during league play. If your disc is caught in a tree just mark your lie under the disc without penalty.




The weekly standings are determined by adjusted score (raw score - handicap). A player must play three rounds to have a handicap. Handicaps will carry over from the previous year if the player played three rounds the previous year. If a player played fewer than three rounds in the previous year he or she must play three rounds this year to have a handicap.


Ace pot:

The ace pot is capped at a $100 until $200 is in the pot. Money from $101 to $200 will go to a 2nd ace pot for the next ace. Money added from $201 to $300 will go back into the 1st ace pot. Money from $301 to $400 will go into the 2nd ace pot. Money from $401 to $500 will go into the 1st ace pot. Money from $501 to $600 will go into the 2nd ace pot. Money added to the ace pot beyond $600 will go into a 3rd ace pot. Thus, the maximum that you can cash for any ace during league play is $300 (not including the league final, where there is no cap on the ace pot).

If more than one ace is made in one night then the entire ace pot will be split evenly between each ace ($300 max per ace).


Out of bounds:

The fence surrounding the ice rink is out of bounds.

The patio walkway and fenced in areas below the green on hole 1 are out of bounds.

Overlook drive (the main road winding through the course from the swimming pool up past the tennis courts) is out of bounds. The face of the curb is out of bounds. A disc that is lying on the road and touching the face of the curb is out of bounds. To be in-bounds only part of the disc needs to be leaning back over the face of the curb & touching or directly above the defined grass line.

The access road and parking lot for the vietnam veterans' pavilion & the parking area/loop for camp david lawrence pavilion are also ob. The ob line is defined by the new black pavement. If the disc is completely surrounded by the pavement, it is considered out of bounds.

The top of the ice rink's mechanical building (on the left side of hole 18) is out of bounds. All other areas of the building are in bounds (take one meter from the side of the building).



Hole 8 (all tees): the disc must travel between the two tree trunks that are marked with red arrows. The drop zone for this mandatory is the red tee.

Hole 6 (from blue tee): disc must travel to left of tree marked with red arrow (farthest tree to the right of the stand of trees directly in front of blue tee).The drop zone for this mandatory is the white tee.

Hole 15 (from blue tee): disc must travel to the left of the tree marked with red arrow. The drop zone for this mandatory is the white tee.


Severe weather:

In the event of lightning or storming weather, play may be delayed or cancelled at the discretion of the league director. If play is delayed, all players are expected to mark their lie or finish out the hole and then seek cover. Players should not continue to play while league is on delay. Players are expected to remain on site to complete the round unless there is a cancellation announced by the league director. Those who choose to leave, if play is reconvened, will get a dnf for their score. Play will resume when the weather dictates. Every player on site must finish for the round to be official.

If play is cancelled, the round will not count toward standings and there will be no prize payout. Each player's next entry fee will be covered. If there is an ace hit, and the round is cancelled - the ace will not count, and the ace pot will not be paid out.