PFDS Annual Membership


  Recognition on as a current member 

  Official PFDS Logo Glow mini (new members) 

  $5 off of PDGA annual membership (select affiliate program discount when purchasing PDGA membership)

  $5 off select PFDS sponsored PDGA events 

  $1 off monthly events 

  10% discount on club discs and merchandise 

  10% discount on purchases at Scholl's Bicycle Center 

  Discounts from other sponsors (As announced)


PFDS Lifetime Membership


  All of the benefits of annual membership, plus... 

  Recognition on as a lifetime member 

  Unique PFDS Lifetime member number 

  PFDS Lifetime Member Tee Shirt*


  Ability to use PFDS disc credit to purchase big ticket items
  that are not in club stock (ex. bags and baskets).
  Requests must be made through the club treasurer
  or membership director.

pdfClick Here To Download A 2016 PFDS Membership Form!


*check with membership director on size availability
Note: Pre-2014 Lifetime Members can purchase their Lifetime Member Tee Shirt for $5.



PFDS Annual Membership

$15 + $2 processing fee


PFDS Lifetime Membership

$100 + $3 processing fee


If you are or have been an annual member of the PFDS, your annual membership fee applies toward a Lifetime PFDS Membership.  For example, if you were a member for the last 3 years, you would receive a $30 discount ($10 for each year).  If you are a current PFDS annual member, or, if you have been an annual member in the past, please contact Mark Prestopnik for special information about a discounted Lifetime Membership.


Use the Paypal button below to join today!  If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about joining, please contact Mark Prestopnik


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